Assessing Byrna Guns for Real Estate Agents' Self-Defense

A real estate agent’s work often revolves around meeting strangers in unfamiliar locations, because of which the importance of personal security is a necessity. Starting from conducting property showings to hosting open houses, agents find themselves in new places where they might feel vulnerable to potential threats. 

In such an unpredictable environment, having some sort of self-defense equipment can provide them with courage and security. A Byrna gun SD is well known for its features so let’s find out how they can ensure real estate agents' security as well.

Understanding Byrna Gun SD

Byrna SD, which looks similar to a compact handgun, are CO2-powered less-lethal weapons. When fired, it releases a chemical irritant powder that can temporarily disable an attacker. They can shoot .68 caliber round kinetic projectiles that can disable a person from up to 50 feet of distance.

Advantages of Byrna Guns for Real Estate Agents’ Self-Defense

A Byrna gun can provide several benefits to real estate agents in their self-defense journey. Let’s find them out below:

Less-lethal Nature

Contrary to firearms, using a Byrna gun removes the risk of causing any serious injury or death. As they are less lethal or less lethal at all, they are perfect for use as self-defense weapons. In short, these guns make it possible for you to take care of yourself without taking any life. 

Versatility & Portability

Byrna guns are compact and lightweight which means you can carry them secretly in your purse to your workplace. When in a dangerous situation, you can use it for quick deployment because of its versatile nature. Thus, this provides a real estate agent like you with a sense of security at all times.

Easy To Use

Another reason why you should consider getting a Byrna gun for your safety is its easy-to-use feature. All you need to do is load the projectile and insert a CO2 cartridge. With that, you are ready to go!

Psychological Aspect

Besides the practical functionality of Byrna guns, they act as a psychological deterrent to attackers. When they would know that the estate agent is armed, they would refrain from threatening or attacking aggressively.  

Legal Considerations

While real estate agent’s security is important, the legal landscape might now allow the use of lethal weapons. However, a Byrna gun can compensate for traditional firearms while being a perfect fit for the local laws.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Byrna Guns

Before you decide to buy a Byrna gun for self-defense, here are a few more details that you should be aware of.


Using Byrna guns effectively and safely requires real estate agents to learn their operation, safety protocols, and de-escalation techniques. 

Risk Assessment

Having a proactive approach to risk mitigation and being aware of prospective threats can reduce the need for self-defense. Given this, real estate professionals should consider all available risks before choosing to carry a self-defense weapon.

Ethical Considerations

Even though personal safety comes first, agents should make every effort to make peaceful dispute resolution wherever feasible. So, having a sense of responsibility and awareness is essential.  

Wrapping Up

Now that you are familiar with both the advantages and essential considerations of byrna guns, you will be able to decide whether they suit you or not. Nakestores understands that safety comes first, so keeping that in mind, we provide an array of the best weapon self-defense options to choose from. 

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