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Why Nakestores & Why Byrna Gun

Nakestores was founded to help and provide citizens with the best self defense weapons and accessories. After our research and providing previously with all self defense brands. Byrna was the only brand that we are going to provide for self defense technology. The Byrna gun has a self pierced technology that makes you always ready to defend without worrying about loosing co2 or getting it punctured during any situation. The Byrna gun technology punctures the co2 when you pull the first trigger and that's what makes it ready at all times. Nakestores provides help and training for all Byrna launchers. Nakestores carries a large inventory of Byrna products and accessories ready to ship. We also offers pickup from our Byrna retail and training store located at 7622 Van Nuys Blvd #2, Van Nuys, CA 91405.