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Byrna SD Used by Officers to Detain Violent Felon Without Further Incident

The Byrna SD is a great way to neutralize or deter a threat without the risk of lethaly injuring them. The Byrna launchers shoot a .68 calibers that come in various forms, from training rounds to OC and tear gas blends. In the event that self defense is required, the Byrna SD proves itself a viable tool. Below is an example of how the Byrna SD is a great non-lethal option.

On May 12th, a man led the Galveston police department on a chase after being involved in two hit and run accidents. The suspect stopped his vehicle in the middle of the roadway between several apartment complexes. As he stopped the vehicle, officers then began a “high risk stop” where several patrol cars lined up behind the suspect’s vehicle and gave commands to the suspect. The commands as seen in the video were ignored and the suspect refused to exit the vehicle.

Law Enforcement using Byrna Sd Launcher

After moments of giving commands and waiting, one of the officers deployed his Byrna SD. The officer dispersped 5 rounds of Byrna MAX projectiles, hitting the inside of the car near the steering wheel, dash, and windshield.

Within seconds after the MAX projectiles were deployed, the suspect exited the vehicle and begain complying with officers’ commands. No serious injury was reported between the suspect and officers. 

Police Officers Pointing Byrna SD Launcher

The Byrna SD launcher is a great way to deter a threat without having to use a lethal method. It can be nerve-racking to be behind a firearm and know you have to take a life to save one. With the Byrna SD, you no longer need to think twice when defending you and your loved ones. 

Video Link - Police Deploy Byrna Less-Lethal to Arrest Violent Felon

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