Can Byrna Guns Enhance Business Professionals' Security?

Businessmen have to travel for various work purposes where their danger of becoming a target becomes quite possible. Thieves, robbers, or assaulters are always on the lookout for chances to execute their plan of robbing hefty amounts. This is when the security of business professionals becomes mandatory. 

With the advancement in technology, various weapons are now available to serve the purpose. However, it is essential on your side to get hold of a self-defense weapon that is effective but doesn’t take lives permanently. So, introducing - Byrna Guns which works efficiently and is non-lethal, making it apt for self-defense purposes. 

What is a Byrna Gun?

A Byrna SD gun looks similar to a small handgun and comes under a non-lethal self-defense weapon. It shoots out pepper-filled rounds to disable an attacker without taking their life permanently. These pepper-filled rounds are available in various options like chemical irritants, hard kinetic projectiles, inert powder for training, etc. 

Why do Business Professionals need Security?

Business professionals are in high need of security whether they are in public or at home. Businessmen often carry with them valuable assets like laptops, cash, smartphones, etc which means there is a risk of attacks, robbery, and assault.

Ways in which Byrna Gun can Enhance Business Professional’s Security

We have discussed below the features of Byrna SD guns that make them the right choice for business professionals’ safety.

Non-Lethal Nature

Contrary to traditional firearms, Byrna guns are non-lethal alternatives. In situations when lethal force is not allowed, the victim can disable the attacker without causing any fatal injuries to them. 

Psychological Effects

When you are armed with a weapon, it provides a level of self-confidence to fight any situation. Moreover, attackers would also think twice before attacking knowing that the situation can turn against them.


Byrna guns are quite versatile providing the user options of choosing the type of attack they want to carry out depending on the level of threat they face. Starting from chemical irritants to kinetic rounds, you can opt for any type. This Byrna SD Launcher Kinetic Bundle, for instance, is re-engineered with a performance straight trigger, allowing the user to adapt to the device.


These guns are easily accessible to people as they are easy to use and require minimum training. You can learn how to use these weapons by visting Nakestores in Van Nuys, CA or checking the online videos here checking out the videos available here.

Where To Buy Byrna Gun Self Defense Non-lethal Weapon?

If you are looking to buy pepper spray guns for self-defense, you should first check whether the dealer is registered under Byrna. Once that’s done, you need to find out whether the products you are looking for are available with them. 

We at Nakestores can proudly say that we are the top choice when it comes to Byrna products to be supplied in California and other states. You will find a wide range of options for Byrna’s less lethal weapons that meet your needs for self-defense. 

Not to miss, there are exclusive Byrna deals and discounts available for you to make the purchasing journey easier. We firmly believe in customer satisfaction thus, we have a dedicated team available to assist you during business hours.

Start your self-defense journey with us!

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