Nakestores offers instructions and help to obtain the BSIS California certifications. You can always reach out to for further instructions. Please see below important questions and answers.
Registration FAQ's

What if I don't have BSIS Card and would like to apply for it?

What if I already have a BSIS Card and would like to purchase chemical rounds in California?

  • Once the order is placed you can reply to the order confirmation with your card ID info. Please reach out to us with any questions  

How do I obtain my Guard Card after course completion?

  • Upon course completion you must submit your course completion certificate to the BSIS and pay a $55 application fee.
  • Additionally, you must submit to a background check with the BSIS costing $51.

How do I maintain current BSIS certification in the future?

  • Within the first 6 months of obtaining your BSIS card there is an additional 32 hours of training as required by the BSIS.
  • After 2 years you will be required to pay a $40 renewal fee. This renewal is valid for 2 years and a new renewal is required when the existing has expired.
How long is my BSIS card valid for?
  • The BSIS card is valid for 24 months.



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